This page will be updated with warnings about scheduled maintenance, and with information during critical outages.

Sent - This error has been sent to Vinsight Support. If the error continues, you may want to contact them directly as well.
Try going back, or opening the home page and see if it works this time.
Resolved - The bug has now been fixed.

Sept 7, 09:40 NZST
Identified - There is a bug that is preventing users from creating new Batch Codes. It may also affect other endpoints.

We have a fix on the way that should be released in the next 30 minutes.

Sept 7, 08:40 NZST
Resolved - This should now be resolved. Please contact if you are still running into problems with this.
Apr 26, 16:00 NZST
Identified - We are aware of a bug that can stop Vinsight from automatically picking the default Unit Of Measure when entering a new line for a Purchase or Sales Order.
We are hoping to have this resolved by the end of the day.
Apr 26, 10:45 NZST
Update - We have had users reporting large jumps in numbers (up to 1000) for things like Sales Orders and Winery Operations. This is a known side effect of a database server crash. There is nothing to worry about, and your data has not been corrupted.
Apr 26, 08:30 NZST
Resolved - Service has been online for 4 hours and appears stable. You may need to clear your browser's cached data if you are still having problems.
Apr 24, 13:00 NZST

What happened:

Today at approximated 12:00 UTC (23 April 2018) (midnight NZST 24th April) Vinsight went offline.

This was due to hardware infrastructure at one of our data-centres experiencing a failure, and this caused Vinsight to go offline.

Due to the timing of the incident, our initial response was slow.

Once we were aware Vinsight was down, we spent time diagnosing the issue.

Before we brought Vinsight back online we decided to do a full backup image of the affected service to mitigate further risks, and while this meant it took longer to bring Vinsight online, we felt it was a prudent thing to do. 

Once the backups were complete we brought Vinsight back online.


What we could improve upon:

We understand that our customers are global and operate in many time-zones around the world and that at certain times of the year, our customers can be working 24 hours a day.

So while we are happy with the amount of time it took to diagnose, backup and re-instate the service, we have identified it took too long to become aware of the issue.

We are working to implement systems to improve our first response times for outages that are outside of our normal business hours.


We do have a status page that keeps people up to date if Vinsight is offline for either planned or unplanned maintenance. We discovered that many people did not see this because they were not correctly re-directed to the status page during the outage.

We have identified and implemented a way so that anyone trying to go to any Vinsight page during an outage will be correctly redirected to the status page.



We understand how disruptive any unplanned outage can be, and appreciate your patience and understanding.



Simon Lampen

Apr 24, 13:00 NZST
Monitoring - We have replaced the server that went down. Vinsight should be online now, and we are continuing to monitor the situation.
Apr 24, 09:00 NZST
Update - We have determined that it is an issue at our data centre and are working on bringing the service online. Thank for your understanding.
Apr 24, 07:15 NZST
Identified - A hardware issue has been identified with one of our servers. We are investigating now. Phone support will be unavailable until we have resolved this.
Apr 24, 06:30 NZST

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